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http://www.ambushcuresaidsfree.com  is now operational.
1. We are located in Dallas, Texas, USA.
2. AMBUSH is supplied as the dried powdered form of the Palm plant with ginger added as taste and preservative.
3. The package size is 6 x 9 approx and weighs approx 2 oz. per pack.
4. Kindly use the PAYPAL account to send your love GIFT of $25 or more to cover shipping and handling.
AMBUSH is FREE but it cost to send it to you.
5. For Fed Ex please calculate the cost from its website FROM Dallas Texas to YOU .
6. Please fill out the CONTACT US page with your NAME ( or fictitious ) and complete MAILING ADDRESS and
we will send you the AMBUSH complete with directions.
7.Thanks for waiting. http://www.ambushcuresaidsfree.com