October 2011

October 15th is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

October 15th is National Latino Aids Awareness Day.  It is one of several national AIDS days. But when it comes to delivering information about AIDS and more importantly, preventing the spread of AIDS you can never have too many days to address these issues. National Latino Aids Awareness Day (NLAAD) adopts different themes each year to motivate participants. This year the theme is- Latinos Unite! Let’s Stay Healthy! Get test for HIV!

What started back in 2003, in an effort to combat the increasing number of AIDS cases in the Latino community, has grown into a nationwide movement. Last year, NLAAD was made successful with the help of over four hundred partners. OraSure Technologies was one of those partners. They donated 7,000 HIV testing kits!

Hopefully this year, NLAAD participation will surpass that of last year. One way organizers of NLAAD plan to increase the success is to incorporate NLAAD into other health initiatives. That’s what “Stay Healthy!” is all about. Not just AIDS awareness and prevention but overall health.  By combining NLAAD with other health education events, organizers hope to reach a larger audience.

Speaking of reaching a larger audience…

Don’t let not being Latino prevent you from participating in NLAAD. AIDS impacts everyone and we should work in our respective communities as well as others to stop this devastating disease. I would be all for National People with Outtie Bellybuttons AIDS Awareness Day if it would help combat the spread of AIDS.

Regardless of your ethnicity if you would like to participate in NLAAD visit nlaad.org for information on event times and dates. Can't find a NLAAD event near you? Why not start your own? You can even register your event on the NLAAD website.