March 2012

Friends Indeed...A Friend For Those In Need

If you've ever seen the stage play or movie Rent, you're familiar with the work of Friends Indeed. I'm not saying that Rent is actually the perfect picture of anything related to the actual HIV epidemic (ahem cough straight people were not the heroes ahem cough) however, the support group which is called Life Support in Rent is actually modeled on the support groups that take place at Friends Indeed.

Stitching A Revolution

We all know the charges that get leveled at the AIDS Quilt, that it's not “real” activism, that it was “soft” or part of what came to be known as “AIDS kitsch” The trouble with all these accusations, though, especially the last one, is that these couldn't really be made until after the first years of the epidemic had transitioned into something tragic but less always immediate. The idea that anything that commemorated the deaths of your friends who died by the hundreds of thousands while the government and mainstream America ignored their cries and demands for help could be called “kitsch” is a creation of the space provided by history.