July 2012

Stand up for human health and rights

Health and safety for all!

Human rights and safety are things that the entire world should strive to attain for its citizens; unfortunately, that is not the case in much of the world, including our own backyard, sometimes. Let’s band together today and take action on some important issues that affect each of us today by making simple e-mails, phone calls, or even simple signatures to voice our support for human rights and human safety.

Stop Child Trafficking

When my daughter pleaded to know if slavery still existed after we discussed it, I had to tell her the honest answer—it does still exist. While I spared her from the most awful details as she’s only six, I can tell you that millions of children, as well as adults, are either in or being kidnapped or sold into the human trafficking industry right now—even in America. Our country, along with other countries, has the power to stop this; the only way it can continue is with people in power supplying backdoor opportunities. Ask your member of Congress to pass the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act to help protect people from becoming victims and to penalize those perpetuating the slave trade. Call 202-224-3121 to speak to your member of Congress.